Getting back into the habit of flossing can be a challenge at first and may take a few tries to become regular, but you can easily regain your old knowledge by reviewing the information we have provided. Whether you are learning how to floss or looking for recommendations to improve your technique, we are happy to answer your questions.

Here are a few tips to help you improve your daily flossing:

How often do I need to floss?
Flossing at least once per day can help you keep your teeth healthy.

How should I floss properly?
Dental floss string should be about 18 inches long so that you can wrap it around the middle fingers. Each tooth should receive a fresh section of floss string to prevent cross contamination, and remember to clean behind the back teeth for a full clean.

What are my options for types of floss?
You can choose waxed or unwaxed multifilament and single filament floss, both of which are recommended by dental professionals. However, you can also ask our dentist about alternative flossing tools if floss string isn’t ideal.

Is flossing important?
Flossing is crucial to helping you avoid tooth decay and gum disease. It is one of the most effective methods to remove plaque particles that build between your teeth and can’t be budged by your toothbrush.

We are happy to help you invest in your oral health to achieve healthier teeth. You are welcome to speak with our dentist, Dr. Jason Barth, about improving your flossing in Salina, Kansas, by contacting Salina Dental Arts at 785-823-2472 today for an appointment.