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Clear Aligner Treatment

Clear aligner orthodontics are the most discreet orthodontic treatment available. Our dentists offer clear aligners to straighten your teeth without the use of brackets and wires. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, clear aligners rely on a series of custom-designed trays to gradually move your teeth into the correct position. Clear aligner orthodontics are especially popular with teenagers and adults, as they allow you to maintain a normal lifestyle while also achieving a more beautiful smile.

Clear aligners can treat all the same orthodontic issues as braces, including:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crooked and overlapping teeth
  • Bad bites (overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites, etc.)

Because the aligners are removable, it is also easy for you to maintain good oral hygiene throughout your treatment. You can eat and drink whatever you want because you can remove the tray to brush and floss as needed.

You should only remove your aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Remember, the more you wear your aligners the faster and more effective your treatment will be. As you switch to a new set of aligners every few weeks, your teeth will be gently guided into the correct position.

We recommend that you clean your aligners regularly. As they are made of clear plastic, they will cause your teeth to appear stained, gray, or dirty if not cleaned often.

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