Laser Cavity Detection

With DIAGNOdent, laser cavity detection, we can more accurately and reliably find decay in its earliest stages, before it causes more widespread damage.  This early detection enables us to provide treatment before your tooth is at risk of more extensive and expensive treatment.  Your restorations will be smaller and less costly, and you’ll be able to retain more of your own natural, healthy tooth!

We utilize advanced laser technology helps us find tooth decay, otherwise known as DIAGNOdent.  When used along with doctor’s visual examination, dental tools and digital x-rays, the ability to detect early decay dramatically increases.

Visual examination and dental tools are often useful for finding decay on the surfaces of teeth.  We may also use x-rays to help us find advanced decay and decay between teeth. We add DIAGNOdent to help us locate decay that is hidden inside the tooth where visual examination, tools and x-rays can’t find it.

How does DIAGNO dent work?
The tip of the DIAGNOdent  hand piece scans your teeth with harmless pulses of laser light. When the laser reaches decay under the surface of the tooth, the decay emits a fluorescent light. This fluorescent light bounces back to the sensor, and is translated into an audible signal and a digital readout. In general, the higher the number, the greater the amount of decay in the tooth.